Australian Open Streaker

The Williams sisters giggle at the streaker
Poor old Streakerama. This site has been dreadfully neglected for months. Thankfully a man without pants at the Australian Open has prompted me to add a long-overdue post.

Streaker interrupts match at Australian Open – AFP

Serena Williams couldn’t believe what she was seeing. A nearly naked man had just run on court while she and sister Venus were playing doubles at the Australian Open, prancing around before being arrested.

“I just thought, my eyes, my innocent eyes,” Williams said Saturday, still chuckling at the memory…

The man, wearing only a shirt, jumped onto the court, sprinted across the sidelines and made several dance moves.

“First, I saw him jump over and then I noticed he didn’t have underwear on,” Williams said after her third-round singles victory over China’s Peng Shuai. “I thought, `OK, I must be seeing things.’

“He ran out on the court. I was thinking, `I hope he doesn’t come,’ because he was pretty close to me and V. I was like, `I hope he doesn’t come, he’s too close.’ Then I thought, `This is crazy.’ Doesn’t really happen too much.”

As he headed toward an exit, the man was met by security guards, arrested and banned for the event. He was not immediately identified.

Australian Open officials said the streaker was on the court for 14 seconds.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a pic of the streaker himself. Here’s a quick video:

Also, check out this piece about streakers being tolerated in Queenstown: What’s so wrong with being naked?

The Prince Charles Polo Match Streaker

Three streakers made waves at an Australia-England polo match attended by Prince Charles on the 26th July. BBC reports that the three emerged nude from the grandstand toward the end of the match, with one being chased by security guards and getting away.

25,000 people attended the match. Charles watched the whole thing from the royal box. England went on to win.

England team captain Luke Tomlinson later said it was not the first time he had played in a match interrupted by naked intruders.

“You are so focused on the game you hardly notice. It brings a bit of humour in and the crowd seem to enjoy it,” he said.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the club said: “I think it is the hot weather and the Pimms to blame. These things happen.”

Now that’s the kind of laid back attitude from authorities that we like to see. Pimms is obviously the thing to be drinking when naked lunatics make an appearance.

Here’s a Youtube clip from the Sunrise show here in Australia, including the usual crap comments from the hosts.

Mark Roberts At The World Snooker Championships

Mark Roberts at the World Snooker Championships
The Daily Telegraph reports that Mark Roberts did a streak at the World Snooker Championships final in Sheffield. As you can see, he had some sponsorship for the streak. Looks like he’s back in business after a long break.

It also has a pic of a female streaker from the FA Women’s Cup final. She has posted a link to her Myspace page on the article – her name is Tashy and she’s very proud of her run by the looks of it.

Helen D’Amico Reappears

Helen D'Amico streaking at the 1982 AFL grand final
The Northern Territory News (and News Ltd) has tracked down one of Australia’s more famous streakers, Helen D’Amico. She’s currently living in Darwin and studying a nursing degree.

Helen made headlines when she streaked at the 1982 AFL grand final between Carlton and Richmond. Wearing only a scarf, she did her best to cuddle bald player Bruce Doull.

Interest in the streak has re-emerged because Doull agreed to re-enact the streak for a Toyota commercial.

More On The Symonds Streaker

Andrew Symonds knocks over the streaker
Today there’s plenty of news coverage of last night’s One Day final streaker. Andrew Symonds has not been reprimanded by Cricket Australia for knocking him down, even though he could have faced a ban for “interfering with a spectator.”

The streaker, Robert Ogilvie, has been fined $1500 for “interfering with a person engaged in sport and wilful exposure.” Who knew that interfering with a person playing sport was an illegal offence? Ogilvie says he did the streak after his mates dared him to do so, and he was drunk at the time.

Asked by reporters if he felt embarrassed by his antics, Ogilvie replied: “No. Not really.”

He added that he would not do it again saying: “Nah, Nah. Done it once.”

Admitting it had been the first time he had streaked, he said: “You only live once.”

He won’t be bringing charges of assault against Symonds and apparently said “wake up to yourself” to the reporter who asked him that question.

There’s no further info at present about the second streaker who appeared later in the game.

Buck naked and $1500 bucks down – SMH
It felt good: poleaxed streaker –
Symonds floors streaker during one day final – Reuters

Streaker Turns On Cops

Town Moor Streaker chases a cop

The tables turned when a streaker turned on the cops who were trying to arrest him.

An officer turned up and the nude fugitive took flight with the constable in hot pursuit.

But in a moment of slapstick comedy, the man then stopped, shouted and ran after the officer, who sprinted to get away.

After a 15 minute caper around Newcastle upon Tyne’s Town Moor, the puffing bobby eventually collared the tubby middle-aged streaker.

Pics from The Metro
Quote from The Northern Echo

Ex All Black Mark Ellis Streaks

Marc Ellis streakingEx All Black footballer Marc Ellis has not been charged for streaking at a rugby match in Greymouth, New Zealand, if only because nobody complained. reports that Ellis ran 200m across the field with his fist in the air, whooping. The crowd were appreciative.

A spectator said he thought most of the crowd of about 300 found the sprint amusing.

“I thought it was quite legendary, a bit of fun. Even though he’s famous, he’s a bit of a larrikin. I didn’t see any harm in it – some people would, though,” he said.

The New Zealand Herald says that Ellis was there to film his role in a TV series when he made the decision to streak:

“It was just a beautiful day and a glorious opportunity. You are down south, people have got a sense of humour down there. And they appreciate that unbridled passion.

“Judging by the reception I got when I went to the after-match [function], it was pretty warmly received.”

In anticipation of his antics being on television, Ellis added: “It was bloody chilly down there, and I was nervous.”

There’s a video of Marc streaking at Youtube here (embedding was disabled, unfortunately)

Record Breaking Labor Day Football Streakers

Labor Day Football Streaker
Pic from reports that four people have been charged with indecent exposure after they streaked at the annual Labor Day football game in Calgary.

Apparently a total of seven people tried to streak at the game. This site says a radio station had encouraged football fans to try and break the all-time streaking record at a game.

Judging by all the amused cheering in the crowd, most people thought it was funny. Officials, however, are all humourless and talking about the need for “increased security.”

600 Get Naked On A Glacier

People pose naked on a glacier to raise awareness about global warming.Greenpeace has rounded up 600 volunteers willing to strip naked and stand on a glacier for the environment. The organisation hired famed nude photographer Spencer Tunick to take the photos which will be used on billboards about global warming.

The glacier itself is in the Alps and is slowly melting due to increasing temperatures. It’s expected to disappear by 2080.

More info here.

Minus 3 Degree Streak

A streaker at an Invercargill rugby game in 2007.
A pre-season rugby game in Invercargill, New Zealand saw a streaker brave the minus 3 degree temperatures to do a nude run across the field.

The lack of security at the small game meant he ran the length of the field. There were only 300 people at the game, but, thanks to the Southland Times, a whole lot more people have seen him nude.

Apparently NZ is looking to tighten up the pitch invasion fines to prevent streaking at major sporting events.

What a pity. It’s almost a dead art here in Australia. I liked that the Kiwis were still giving it ago. Especially in bloody Invercargill.

The ‘Mankini’ Streaker

The Mankini streaker in the Northern Territory.
Looks like we have a new fashion when it comes to streaking. Never mind full nudity, today’s fashionable streaker goes for the “mankini”, the one-piece swimsuit made famous by Borat.

This became apparent at an AFL game in Darwin on Saturday night when a rangy tattooed man ran onto the field during the Western Bulldogs versus Fremantle game, wearing only a mankini.

The Northern Territory News reports that 11,000-strong crowd went absolutly mad, cheering him on. They even helped him to escape, offering clothes and holding off the security guard.

“He made a good run for it,” the security guard said. “I tried grabbing him as he jumped over the fence but there was nothing to grab.

“I had a hold of his foot but he was all yucky and sweaty and I lost my grip.”

The 28-year-old security guard said it was on the top of his list of bizarre things to happen while on the job.

“I’ve seen some pretty crazy things, but this was quite funny,” he said.

Ninemsn reports that there’s an “ongoing investigation” to find the streaker.

Mark Roberts Gets Another Ban

Mark Roberts streaking in 2002. In mid-May serial streaker Mark Roberts was hit with another ban, this one preventing him from attending football matches for 3 years.

Roberts says he had no intention of streaking at the UEFA match, but they banned him anyway. He says he wants to fight the ban which is the result of “sour grapes” from the Glasgow police.