Suggestion Box: Public Comments About Streakers

These suggestions were sent to the BBC Sport website following the Old Trafford streak on the 5th August.

Streakers, in my opinion, possess attention deficit disorder. To discourage such actions, minimal attention should be directed towards them. That implies no media reporting and a heavy fine. Streakers are disruptive, annoying and totally idiotic in their behaviour.
Keith, Australia

Have a streakers parade -call it Carry on Streaking - but do not ban Old Trafford one of the great sporting venues in the World. There are idiots everywhere, if all the places they existed were banned then we would all have to sit inside our own homes! Check it out
Peter Ibbs

Streakers have to be punished as per law and should be banned from entry for a period of time to discourage other potential streakers.
H.R. Sitaram, India

I dare anyone not to smile when you see a streaker.... it's not possible !
Richie Woods, Liverpool, UK

I recently streaked at the England v Zimbabwe match at Lord's and having experienced the feeling of running out naked in front of 20,000 people, I would highly recommend it to anyone! Plus all of my mates think I'm a hero!
Paul Aveyard, England

How should we punish streakers? Where it hurts!
James Butler, UK

Streakers disturb the concentration of the players and disrupt the game for those who actually want to watch the sport. Humiliating them in front of the crowd sounds like a good idea to me, or (as was suggested during the Test match), why not employ a couple of dog-handlers as stewards. Streakers would think twice then! I hope we don't end up with fenced-in sports grounds thanks to these attention-seekers.
Richard P, England

Let a few police dogs after them and give the crowd some real entertainment!
Adrian, England

Incorporate a five-minute slot at competitions for naked people to join in and have their spell of fame. For example a naked 100m sprint at Crystal Palace, a naked over at Lords, a naked game at Wimbledon or a naked penalty shoot-out at Wembley.
Louise, Wales

Do what the authorities in Australia have done. A fine of $50,000 dollars soon stops anyone running onto the pitch/course at sporting events
Phil Kemp, UK

Streaking is a bit of harmless fun which brings a smile to the face.
Richard Marriott, England

We should catch them, and handcuff them to the railings until the end of the match or game.
Mike, England

Employ an officially sanctioned streaker at major events to beat them at their own game. The novelty will quickly wear off.
Col, UK

With thanks to the BBC website.

Comments on the Vodafone Streakers
(submitted to the Sydney Morning Herald Online)

There are wars and starvation, the old birthday suit is a laugh in a world of turmoil and the the vodafone marketing strategy is something different, he needs a bit of guidance in tactics though.

Julie M

All harmless fun, go Brett!!!

Berg Strom

Let's face it. Rugby is pretty boring at the best of times - even when it is Australia and New Zealand. Maybe the adding of a few extra balls to fight over is just what the game needs!


It is PAINFULLY clear from all the responses that the australian public does NOT have a big problem with streakers at sporting events. In fact, i'd go so far as to say that its become a part of australian sport (more so in summer at the cricket). obviously corporate sponsorship of a person isn't the right way to go, but at the end of the day, we haven't had anyone hurt, EVER from a streaker in this country, and until we do, the the intoxicated fun continue, it gives us all a good bloody laugh, despite what the ARU is forced to say.


i was wholeheartedly impressed with what i feel was one of the most creative and gutsy advertising campaigns in recent memory. this behaviour can only be encouraged. it is a sad fact that society dictates immaturity and nudity be repressed, whereas the retaliatory childishness of the authorities wishing to send this man to jail has been embraced by many. this man was accessory to the interruption of a SPORTING MATCH for goodness' sake.. does this make him dangerous to society? someone appears to be jumping on the corporate accountability bandwagon with a little too much gusto..

kate wilson

It's about time that organisers of sporting events allow the fans to have fun - after all, that's why they attend games and provide revenue to the players, officials and the sport as a whole (I have seen security officers confiscating plastic horns from kids before an Australian soccer international game at the SFS). The media talks about "pitch invasion" and "criminals" as if these two lads had been heavily armed and murdered a dozen people. In fact, they were just having fun and put a smile on our faces. Such a "pitch invasion" is quite harmless and is fortunately a stark contrast to the trouble that English and other European soccer stadiums were facing in the '80s. You need a strong clamp-down on violence between rival supporters, but the only reaction to streaking should be a good laugh. Loosen up!


I had the misfortune of being in the queue for a meat pie at the time, and missed both streakers - to my great disappointment. There was no harm done, and find me the one person in the crowd who didn't have a laugh. Anyone who is gutsy enough to get nude in that weather has my applause. Well done boys. And to Vodafone - a stupid stunt, but some great publicity on the way! Its justn nudity...we've all got it - good, bad or ugly.


The Streakers' act was laddish behaviour, up until there was money involved. Once there was money involved it became a criminal offence and the Vodafone boss should be jailed for organising a criminal act. The Vodafone boss should also loss his job, as it is a poor statement of the type of company executives that we are employing and the lengths to which they will go, showing contempt for the law. Fine him, ban him from executives positions, disgrace him and jail him!

Paul Butler

With thanks to SMH Online