Helen D’Amico Reappears

Helen D'Amico streaking at the 1982 AFL grand final
The Northern Territory News (and News Ltd) has tracked down one of Australia’s more famous streakers, Helen D’Amico. She’s currently living in Darwin and studying a nursing degree.

Helen made headlines when she streaked at the 1982 AFL grand final between Carlton and Richmond. Wearing only a scarf, she did her best to cuddle bald player Bruce Doull.

Interest in the streak has re-emerged because Doull agreed to re-enact the streak for a Toyota commercial.

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2 thoughts on “Helen D’Amico Reappears”

  1. I was @ that great g final. now live in the USA. The flying door matt (BD) was my favourite player. I thought john-O was alittle rough on Hellen that day.
    good on ya Hellen. Hope ya doin OK I wanna move back to OZ soon

  2. Helen now works at Royal Perth Hospital shenton park wa she is a nurse

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