Definitions of Streaking

092298streakers.jpg (9472 bytes)Like the meaning of life (and streakers themselves) the exact definition of streaking can be rather elusive. Generally it applies to people who run nude through public places, but thanks to the constant ingenuity of streakers, this definition often needs to be expanded to include rollerblading, cycling, parachuting, and possibly even driving. One of the more defining features of streaking is that a) it's illegal and b) it's designed to invoke both shock and laughter in others.  While many people have merely streaked around the block in the middle of the night and no-one's seen them, it can still be classified as streaking because there was the possibility of being seen, and, possibly arrested.  Of course, the other essential ingredients in a streak are uncontrollable laughter, a sense of mischief, an adrenaline hit, and a good story to tell at the bar.  This is often accompanied by either alcohol, or a dare.

It is sometimes easier to define streaking by what it is not. Streaking is not nudism because nudism usually occurs in accepted areas, and it is something of a lifestyle choice. It's not flashing because usually the flasher is sexually aroused and seeking to create a sexual response in his victim.  And streaking is not pornography for the same reason.


Streaking's a funny thing.

There's something about running madly around in the altogether in front of california.jpg (69102 bytes) other people that is inherently humourous.  Perhaps it is the infectious glee exhibited by the often drunk runner, the absurdity of the small battle between unclothed bravado and half-smiling authority, or the shock of seeing bare flesh in an ocean of clothing.  Certainly it is the sight of jiggling rude bits and flabby pale behinds gadding wantonly about in the fresh air before being tackled ungracefully by puffing policemen.

Streaking is an important activity.  In a time when the media teaches us to believe in the perfect beauty of the human species, it is a reminder of what is normal for most of us.  It thumbs its nose (or other appendages) at outdated public exposure laws in the true anarchic tradition of flaunting authority.  It represents what we may have looked like 50,000 years ago while chasing mammoths.  It livens up the cricket.

People have been streaking for centuries, but it is only since 1974 that it has been called such, and recognised as a part of popular culture.  Waved away as a passing fad, it has continued to appear undaunted in the most public of places, waving its rude bits in defiance at those who would shun the activity - the police, sporting authorities, and the terminally humourless.

This site is a tribute to those multitudes who seized the day, and ran fearlessly in the nicky-noo-nar for all to see, in the name of stupidity.  For twenty years streaking has been synonymous with fun, with rebellion, and with a bit of a laugh.

Long may it remain so.

Interesting book from Amazon:

Living Naked and Frugal : A Handbook for Parsimonious Nudity
by Paul Penhallow, Marilyn Lovell (Contributor)

Reviews for this book:

Reviewer: A reader from Martinsburg, WV: This book in my opinion is the best book on introducing people to nudism. The author used a straight forward approach to all aspects of clothing optional recreation. The author, who is on the cover, passed away as the book went to press but contributor Marilyn Lovell works and plays a big role at the clothing optional resort Avalon in Paw Paw, West Virginia.

Reviewer: A reader from Boulder, Colorado
This book is great. Since I have gotten it I threw away all of my drawers and trousers. I am nude all of the time. I really like to sit on my head like the guy on the cover. I do it alot. And then it hurts. I have to ice my head down after. When I do it, sometimes people walk by and go "wooooah". It is pretty awesome. Then they sometimes say things like "we should do that". When I am standing on my head I also like to pretend that I am a space-man with upside-down eyes.
(note: this review probably wins the "dumbest review I've ever read award" - Karen)