More On The Symonds Streaker

Andrew Symonds knocks over the streaker
Today there’s plenty of news coverage of last night’s One Day final streaker. Andrew Symonds has not been reprimanded by Cricket Australia for knocking him down, even though he could have faced a ban for “interfering with a spectator.”

The streaker, Robert Ogilvie, has been fined $1500 for “interfering with a person engaged in sport and wilful exposure.” Who knew that interfering with a person playing sport was an illegal offence? Ogilvie says he did the streak after his mates dared him to do so, and he was drunk at the time.

Asked by reporters if he felt embarrassed by his antics, Ogilvie replied: “No. Not really.”

He added that he would not do it again saying: “Nah, Nah. Done it once.”Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Admitting it had been the first time he had streaked, he said: “You only live once.”

He won’t be bringing charges of assault against Symonds and apparently said “wake up to yourself” to the reporter who asked him that question.streaming film Transformers: The Last Knight

There’s no further info at present about the second streaker who appeared later in the game.

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2 thoughts on “More On The Symonds Streaker”

  1. regarding cricket streaker, intrigued to hear a woman talk about nudity in public i wonder if you would feel the same if a man ran naked passed a group of school kids or was there no children at the cricket that night i also wonder if it was a female streaker you would find it so funny your site appears to be male oriantated or am i wrong 🙂 feel free to reply

  2. Hugh, not sure what you mean by male oriented. The majority of streakers seem to be male, although there have been some famous female streakers in the past e.g. Erica Roe.

    Regarding the idea of a “man running naked past school kids” – it’s been said elsewhere on this site but I’ll say it again. Streaking is not about sex. It’s about being silly and making people laugh. If the man ran naked past children with an erection, that would be a sex offense. But have you ever seen a streaker with a hard on? Streakers by nature should not be sexually aroused by the act, otherwise they’re known as flashers.

    It’s the usual moral panic response to squeal “But think of the children!!!” Nudity in itself should never be an offensive thing and I’m fairly certain that kids are able to deal with it – even if confronted with an unusual circumstance like a streaker at the cricket. Good parents know it’s just an opportunity to explain the ways of the world, including why we think it’s strange for people to be naked in public.

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