Female Streakers

OK, I've decided to put up this page for all those guys out there who love female streakers. I'm going to highlight some of the better known women streakers, just for you!

A female streaker caused a stir by running across the course at the 2003 Mascot Grand National at Huntingdon in September. The event showcases sporting mascots - people in costumes engaging in sporting competition, and over 80 were involved. This article has some good pics. More info on Mascot Grand National here.

Amy Freeman streaked topless at a Coventry City soccer game on the 21st December 2002, in order to raise money for a children's charity. Amy ran onto the field and embraced a player. Faced with a ban, she pleaded extenuating circumstances because she had raised over 300 pounds for the charity. She was let off with a warning. Pics and news items at Glenn's site.

Catharine Marie Maher was charged with indecent exposure after streaking at an Australian Rugby League game on 20th August. Catharine said she'd done it to "feel alive."
"I have a list of things I want to do in life and that was one of them," she said. "This is the only way I can keep my sanity, what with being so involved with my children," she remarked contraceptively. More info in the news archive.

Michelle Newton decided to liven up a United vs Sunderland soccer match in Scotland on the 3rd February 2001, so she stripped down to her union jack undies and best knee-high boots and did a run onto the field. Unfortunately she was the first streaker to be subject to new police tactics: ignoring the offender. Cold and disappointed that even the players had turned their back on her, Newton left the field and was promptly arrested by police waiting on the sidelines. More info and photo in the news archive.

Briony Penn and five other topless women successfully made their protest against logging on Saltspring Island, Canada in Mid January 2001. Penn, a field biologist, had donned an ankle-length wig and taken to a horse to make her point, saying she was emulating Lady Godiva, who had rode naked to protest against injustice hundreds of years before. More info and photo in the news archive.

Lianne Crofts was the first female streaker at a snooker match, running three times around the snooker table during the World Championships in 1997. Lianne said she did it because the game was "depressingly boring" at that point. More info on the historical streaking news page.

Emma from Oxford made a stunning nude run at the World Championship Darts Match in Britain on the 8th January 2001. More info and photo in the news archive.

Erica Roe ran onto the field topless during an Australia-England rugby union match in 1982. (More in the hall of fame section)

Helen D'Amico streaked at an Australian Rules football game in 1982. She ran naked onto the field wearing only a Blues scarf, and was dragged off by player Wayne Johnstone. Helen was 17 at the time, working as a stripper, and had streaked at the request of her employer who funded the whole thing (although not her $1000 fine).

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Female streakers

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