Anger Over Streaker Penalty

The Daily Telegraph reports that the cricketing powers that be aren’t too fussed with the fine given to One Day streaker Robert Ogilvie, saying it was too lenient and will encourage other streakers. Ogilvie had no conviction recorded and was fined $1500.

Although unwilling to publicly criticise Magistrate John Costello, a leading cricket official said ground authorities were flabbergasted at the leniency of the fine.

“It’s incredible that he can get off so lightly – he can just get 10 of his mates to chip in and pay $150 each and the matter is done with,” a cricket source said.

More On The Symonds Streaker

Andrew Symonds knocks over the streaker
Today there’s plenty of news coverage of last night’s One Day final streaker. Andrew Symonds has not been reprimanded by Cricket Australia for knocking him down, even though he could have faced a ban for “interfering with a spectator.”

The streaker, Robert Ogilvie, has been fined $1500 for “interfering with a person engaged in sport and wilful exposure.” Who knew that interfering with a person playing sport was an illegal offence? Ogilvie says he did the streak after his mates dared him to do so, and he was drunk at the time.

Asked by reporters if he felt embarrassed by his antics, Ogilvie replied: “No. Not really.”

He added that he would not do it again saying: “Nah, Nah. Done it once.”

Admitting it had been the first time he had streaked, he said: “You only live once.”

He won’t be bringing charges of assault against Symonds and apparently said “wake up to yourself” to the reporter who asked him that question.

There’s no further info at present about the second streaker who appeared later in the game.

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Mankini Streaker Speaks

Ninemsn has tracked down the Darwin streaker who ran onto a football field wearing only a “mankini.”

He was inspired to by the blue swimsuit after seeing the movie Borat and obtained one at a sex shop – “the very last one we tried.” He promptly showed it off to friends at his local pub. They urged him to take it further.

“I’ve been known to do a few crazy things in my life so I thought, ‘why not?’

“I couldn’t believe the support in the crowd. People were grabbing me (who) I didn’t even know and hiding me.

“At first all I was worried (about was) if one of the players tried to grab me or something. So I tried to keep as away from them as I could.

“I just thought run as fast as I can.”

His mates said they’d chip in if the police charged him and fined him.

He’s now looking at buying more mankinis (he says they’re “quite comfy” and going on something of a streaking rampage. Can’t wait for that one.

The ‘Mankini’ Streaker

The Mankini streaker in the Northern Territory.
Looks like we have a new fashion when it comes to streaking. Never mind full nudity, today’s fashionable streaker goes for the “mankini”, the one-piece swimsuit made famous by Borat.

This became apparent at an AFL game in Darwin on Saturday night when a rangy tattooed man ran onto the field during the Western Bulldogs versus Fremantle game, wearing only a mankini.

The Northern Territory News reports that 11,000-strong crowd went absolutly mad, cheering him on. They even helped him to escape, offering clothes and holding off the security guard.

“He made a good run for it,” the security guard said. “I tried grabbing him as he jumped over the fence but there was nothing to grab.

“I had a hold of his foot but he was all yucky and sweaty and I lost my grip.”

The 28-year-old security guard said it was on the top of his list of bizarre things to happen while on the job.

“I’ve seen some pretty crazy things, but this was quite funny,” he said.

Ninemsn reports that there’s an “ongoing investigation” to find the streaker.

World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride in CanadaWell, it appears that this year’s World Naked Bike Ride was a huge success, with thousands of nude cyclists turning out across the globe to protest the world’s dependence on oil.

Some news reports:
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Here’s my article on the event.