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Streakers is a new addition to the fabulous world of web streaking, updated regularly.

Mark Roberts has his own website detailing his fabulous exploits. has a streakers forum and photos

See streaking's mention at the Bad Fads Museum

Read a Company's Position on Streaking

Streaking The World - a blog about streaking

Streaking Associations

American Streakers United is a group of young people who are eager to revisit the streaking glories of their parent's era. They're asking for members, so if you're keen, check them out!

The Nude Running Association (NRA) had a short but eventful life. They certainly confused a lot of people looking on the internet for guns, and should be congratulated for that.

Interested in more streaking stuff?

Read the book:

The joy of streaking; a guide to America's favorite pastime. Complete and unabridged illustrated ed -- George Pleasant
Available at and

The song:

"Oh yes they call him the streak, he likes to show off his physique, If there's an audience to be found he'll be streaking around, Inviting public critique." © Ray Stevens
The Streak by Ray Stevens can be found on his Best of Ray Stevens Album (1997)

The Video

Cover of "Streaker!" videoA compilation of clips and interviews with famous streakers including Erica Roe and Michael O'Brien. Introduced by comedian Bob Mills. Released 13th Mar 1995, it doesn't seem to be available at Amazon, although it used to be.