600 Get Naked On A Glacier

People pose naked on a glacier to raise awareness about global warming.Greenpeace has rounded up 600 volunteers willing to strip naked and stand on a glacier for the environment. The organisation hired famed nude photographer Spencer Tunick to take the photos which will be used on billboards about global warming.

The glacier itself is in the Alps and is slowly melting due to increasing temperatures. It’s expected to disappear by 2080.

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2 thoughts on “600 Get Naked On A Glacier”

  1. I find it hard to see a connection between the act of streaking and posing nude for an artist. The two are completely different activities and people who participate in one, will rarely indulge in the other, so to speak.

  2. The connection is nudity, plain and simple. My site is mainly focused on streaking but I’m also interested in posting about public nudity in all forms. Tunick’s art involves people getting nude in public, hence I’ve posted about it.

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