Streaking Photos

This page features streaking photos submitted to me by readers.

The Burnley Nude Running Club

This group from Melbourne recently attained fame via a news report on Channel 9, and their numbers subsequently jumped. I queried them about the obvious danger of shrinkage when running nude around Melbourne in the middle of the night in winter. Il Duce replied: "You're are on the money regarding shrinkage - two words spring to mind 'scared turtle'. However, borrowing from the great classic, Spinal Tap, when you have armadillos down your trousers, a little shrinkage aint too bad."
The Burnley Nude Runner's web page is here.

Burnley Nude


No further details

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Ryan's Nappy Streak

Ryan Hanrahan, 24, ran onto the Ireland vs Italy rugby match in Dublin wearing only a nappy, so he could wish his hero Peter Clohessy a "nappy retirement". Ryan was chased and caught by 10 officials, all of whom seemed to find it rather amusing. He was fined 300 pounds for his trouble, all of which was paid for by bets from his friends. Ryan told a local newspaper "I was on the street outside the ground and some fellow came up to me and gave me a tenner to get a taxi. The chap had just seen me on television and he got such a laugh he gave me the money for my fare."

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Nick Clements

Nick Clements
More info here.

Me Streaking
This is Mark, a keen streaker who has just run the naked mile in Ann Arbor, USA. Very picturesque!

Tony Blair streaker

An email from an anonymous streaker:
Thought you'd be interested in this pic I've found from an old newspaper. I tell a lie- I know the guy who did this-me!
I did this for fun. the general elections were coming up so I donned a Tony 'Bare' mask, stripped off then ran down Glasgow's Argyle St. on a busy Friday afternoon.
A Sun photographer snapped away- it was obvious as the flash went off numerous times.
I've another bollock-naked dash planned in the near future-i'm looking forward to it!! Cheers for now. Keep it up!

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Here's a few other miscellaneous streaking photos:

Derby English Cricket
Tiger streakerWorld cup streaker


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