About This Site

In 1999 I became a little obsessed with researching streaking, especially because I had access to a bunch of old newspaper clippings on the topic. I decided it would make a great book, and set about trying to write it.

I decided it should be called It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time and would be acompilation of news stories, personal anecdotes, photographs, and long swathes of made-up tosh. There was bits on the history of streaking, from the Roman Olympics to the beginning of the modern fad in 1974, and there was musings on why this particularly ridiculous phenomenon refuses to go away.  I conducted interviews and collected comments from important people such as police, university professors, sports stars, psychologists and Miss Nude.

In 2000 I was asked to appear in the British documentary Streakers, made by Channel 4, and I thought I should make a website to go along with my newfound "expertdom". Hence, Streakerama (why, why, why didn't I buy the domain It was one of my first ever sites, bunged together with Front Page and it was made up of excerpts from my book.

The website went great guns. The book never happened.

And so here it is, 13 years later and I'm revamping the site, looking over some seriously old stuff. But it's still worth reading if you haven't been here before. I'll try to keep it a bit more up to date from now on.


About Me

Freelance Journalist, Researcher, Writer, Webmistress

The Spiel

“OK, I admit it.  Karen ghost writes all of my articles” – Maureen Dowd

“I’m dictating an entire encyclical just to cover the sins this woman writes about”– The Pope

"Wheeee!" - The Teletubbies

“She makes me feel like I’ve just eaten a whole buffet. But most things do” – Calista Flockhart

“I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman” – Bill Clinton

Not-Quite-Truthful Biographical Information  

In 1973 Karen was born into a life of hardship on a custard farm in NSW, Australia, and it was only a matter of time before she ran off to join a flea circus at the age of 5.  Despite obvious anatomical differences, Karen soon became the star of the show, and by age 17 had earned enough to go to University.  There she majored in heavy drinking and abstract mucking about, but somehow emerged with a BA in  English and History.  She then foolishly studied to become a librarian with little thought for the starving in Africa.

What follows is history. Albeit a history that no-one has read.

Her natural ability to say “ssh” guaranteed her a place at the Fairfax Library for The Criminally Insane in Sydney, where she remained for four years.  In 1999, crippled by RSI, she escaped to Queensland to begin a new life, beating the odds by learning to type with her nose and other useless anatomical appendages.  She maintains interests in underwater bog cycling and gargling vats of red wine.  

Karen developed her warped interest in streaking after downing the alcoholic equivalent of a Romanian cyanide spill, and shocking the few remaining inhabitants of a city park one evening.

She then went on the write the article that became the book that became the website that swallowed the fly, or some such crap.

Karen appeared in the British documentary Streakers. The doco screened on Channel 5 in Britain on the 18th April 2000.  It was watched by over 2 million viewers.

Karen has also been contacted by various other researchers, doco makers and other wacky media types, and has assisted these people in their search for information on the topic. She's even done radio interviews for stations in such streak-mad countries Ireland and South Africa.

Whenever a new streaking incident happens, you'll probably find her talking about it on a local ABC radio station somehwere.