Article On Skinny Dipping

Slightly off-topic but I thought I’d post this because I enjoyed reading it.

Welcome to No Wear – an article about the joy of skinny dipping.

So what is it, this compulsion to swim in the nude? Is it a rite of passage, a coming-of-age ritual with roots in antiquity, a resounding V sign to more traditional mores, an act of liberation in a world straitjacketed by rules and regulations? Or is it just an excuse to go swimming in what the late, great Blockhead Ian Dury called the “naughty, naked nude”?

The Waning Power Of Nudity

The Economist has an opinion piece suggesting that nudity has lost the power to shock. It follows in the wake of the Greenpeace sponsored Spencer Tunick nude photo on a glacier in the Alps.

The uproar that greeted a naked album-cover picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the end of the 1960s would not be repeated today. Lennon asked us to “be ourselves” and world peace would be sure to follow. This seems quaint now. In the next decade the popularity of “streaking” brought nudity closer to the mainstream. By the 1990s the ladies of Britain’s Women’s Institute felt comfortable enough to bare all for a charity calendar. Organisations the world over have repeated the idea endlessly ever since, increasing public indifference.

600 Get Naked On A Glacier

People pose naked on a glacier to raise awareness about global warming.Greenpeace has rounded up 600 volunteers willing to strip naked and stand on a glacier for the environment. The organisation hired famed nude photographer Spencer Tunick to take the photos which will be used on billboards about global warming.

The glacier itself is in the Alps and is slowly melting due to increasing temperatures. It’s expected to disappear by 2080.

More info here.

Penis Pops Up In Nude Gardeners’ Photo

Nude gardener photo with offending penis.The Wiltshire Gazette & Herald in the UK has made a slip-up when publishing a photo of a nude gardening day held at Abbey House Gardens. While most of the nudity in the photo is covered with cartoon flower pots, a penis managed to get past the censors, embarrassing the editor.

“Unfortunately, how shall I put it, when I saw the paper I realised that four or five very vital inches belonging to one particular gentleman had evaded my attention…”

It wasn’t long before someone was on the phone to complain about the family newspaper confronting readers with a naked gardener’s equipment.

Gary said: “This is perfectly understandable but I have to say you would need to be looking very carefully at the group to spot the elusive dangly part.Watch

“Why anyone would want to garden in the nude is beyond me… all those brambles and there is too much potential for injury what with those shears and clippers and things.”

From this article.

Running Of The Nudes

Running of the nudesAnimal rights activists have once again conducted a nude protest against Spain’s Running of the Bulls which starts Friday.

On Thursday hundreds of activists stripped nude and donned red plastic horns and red bandannas to oppose the event. It was organised by PETA which is campaigning against bullfighting in Spain.

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Naked Rambler Back In Prison

Naked Rambler and nudist activist Steven Gough continues his crusade to be nude in public, and it’s landed him back in jail.

Gough was released from Edinburgh’s Saughton jail after finishing a previous sentence for public nudity. He insisted on leaving the prison naked and was subsequently arrested again. This is the seventh time it’s happened.

I don’t know who’s going to give up first, but I’m hoping it’s the police.

Nudity on the Solstice

A Latvian town will mark the Summer Solstice this year with a naked run through the streets.

“The nude run is for everybody, no matter their gender, age or race,” Ilze Dambite-Damberga, of the city council in the western town of Kuldiga, told AFP. “One can wear shoes or sneakers, as long as they don’t go up to the armpits,” she said.

The run will take place on Sunday 24th. Police will be on hand to keep “puritans” at bay.

More info here.

World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride in CanadaWell, it appears that this year’s World Naked Bike Ride was a huge success, with thousands of nude cyclists turning out across the globe to protest the world’s dependence on oil.

Some news reports:
Cyclists stage cheeky protest – Halifax News, Canada
Brace cyclists go naked to promote greener transport – The Argus, UK
Naked cyclists in green protest – Ananova
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Here’s my article on the event.