Ad: Tiny Streaker

This is an ad for UK TV Freeview featuring a very small streaker with a huge beard. The ad was created for the 2010 World Cup and was supposed to promote HD TV – which would help you to see any tiny streakers that turned up.
Post hacked, video removed

Andrew Symonds Vs Streaker, One Day Cricket 4 March

When a streaker ran out onto the field at the 2nd One Day Cricket Final in Brisbane, he didn’t expect to run into Andrew Symonds, who shoulder-barged him to the ground.

I saw it happen and was quite surprised to see Channel 9 actually show this footage. Normally they refuse to give any close ups to streakers in case it encourages them.

Note… I’m trying to get the Youtube video to work on this, it’s giving me a bit of trouble.

Naked But For A Green Wig

Here’s a streaker at McMahon stadium in Calgary, Canada, running through a football game wearing only a green wig. He jumped two fences to get onto the field.

According to the Calgary Sun:

Despite the roar of an approving crowd, security staff failed to follow him as he travelled through the endzone, climbed a chain-link fence and then a large metal wall before disappearing into parking lot trees.

Not only did it provide, by far, the most entertaining moment of the day, it also marked a feat no one thought possible: Escaping McMahon Stadium naked without being caught.

He did, however, get arrested by three police in the parking lot.

Mark Roberts Weather Map Streak

So… there’s so many Mark Roberts moments and now, thanks to the wonder of Youtube, I can put them on Streakerama. Here’s one of his first and, for many, the most memorable. It’s when he streaked onto the floating weather map during an episode of This Morning in 1995.

Video removed due to hack

Graduation Day Streaker

A 17 year old made waves at his school’s graduation ceremony when he streaked across the football field, causing all the graduating seniors to cheer madly.

Unfortunately he’s also ended up in juvenile detention center because of it.

KVOA reports:

The 17 year old junior at Catalina Foothills High School raced into the limelight last Thursday, stripping down to his jock strap and racing across the football field during the graduation ceremony.

Cameron put the moves on a couple of sheriff’s deputies trying to tackle him. But his athletic director caught Cameron just before he got over a fence.

The high school kid received a standing ovation from the graduating seniors and now he’s semi-famous.

Here’s the video on Youtube – unfortunately I can’t embed it.