The End of Mark Roberts’ Streaking Career?

The Guardian reports that serial streaker Mark Roberts has avoided being given an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) by a British court following his streak at a golf event last year.

The district judge ruled that Roberts’ behaviour was annoying but not anti-social.

Mark’s lawyers say he’s turned over a new “fig leaf” and won’t be streaking anymore. Mark himself seems to have decided to hang up the joggers.

“My motivation has only ever been to entertain people. I’ve been doing this for 14 years and never once have I been booed. The day I get booed by the public is the day I stop.”

Mr Roberts said his career in streaking had run its course.

“They should have brought this Asbo when I was in my prime, but I’m 42 and there’s nothing left that I want to do.”

I’m not sure I believe him.

Mark Roberts Weather Map Streak

So… there’s so many Mark Roberts moments and now, thanks to the wonder of Youtube, I can put them on Streakerama. Here’s one of his first and, for many, the most memorable. It’s when he streaked onto the floating weather map during an episode of This Morning in 1995.

Video removed due to hack