TV Show Seeks Streakers

I have been contact by a TV show producer looking for streakers to interview for the program. She writes:

My name is Michele and I am a casting producer for a medical series on TLC called “Strange Sex.” The series, now entering its second season, highlights unusual sexual conditions and lifestyles, with a goal of educating the viewer and shedding light on a little understood, real-life condition or situation. We know that topics we explore might be shared among members of our audience who’d appreciate the subjects being brought to light, and the erasing of any misconceptions or myths.

As we gear up for our new season, we are looking at a number of topics to explore in our episodes, among them, exhibitionism or streaking.

We would like to locate a person who is either currently a streaker or used to be in the past. We are looking for someone who lives in the United States. We’d like to speak to them about appearing in our program, since our goal is to provide context for the person’s story and education to our viewers. We tell the story in a respectful and sensitive manner. We don’t even have a narrator for this show — the stories are told in the words of the people who have gone through the experience.

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