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The Ins and Outs of Public Nudity

Public nudity is a broad phrase that can embrace a number of causes and occupations. It's entertainment for some, political for others. This site aims to look at the issue of public nakedness.

There are a number of organizations who are lobbying to make nudity in public legal. They say that being "clothes free" is a human right and that they should not be arrested for nudity in public. Often these people conduct stunts to draw attention to their cause. One such stunt saw a group of nudists strip off in front of London's law courts. Vincent Bethell even climbed a pole before removing his clothes, and it took police some time to get him down before they could arrest him.

Naked Rambler Steve Gough is one such advocate. He recently attempted to walk the length of Britain in the nude, but was arrested over 12 times and is now being detained in prison, awaiting his latest trial.

Public nudity is a part of popular culture in the form of streaking. Making surprise dashes at sporting events or other public areas has been a tradition since the early 70's. Perhaps the fun of streaking lies in the way it reminds us of our own nudity and frailty, when society does it's best to make us conform through clothing. Of course, sometimes it's just a laugh.

Flashmobbing has, on occasion, involved some public nudity, however this is not a condition of the activity. More important is the timed, multiple nature of the event.

Public nudity has now become something of a genre in porn. A number of sites offer photographs of women getting naked in public. Sometimes they're simply posed photos taken on the fly, however many more consist of women "flashing" at public events, such as Mardi Gras or concerts.

Another aspect of public nudity porn is the fact that many of the women appearing in the pics are "party girls". Often they've had a couple of beers and their resultant loss of inhibitions leads to more than a little public nudity. Some have questioned whether this equates to exploitation. A lot of the times the women involved sign release forms and are paid to appear on the public nudity porn sites. At other times, the law of copyright rules that the photographer retains ownership of the photos, no matter what or who the photos actually depict. Feminists argue that issues of consent remain.

Recently the creators of Girls Gone Wild have encountered numerous problems with the law over the issue of consent and underage models.

One of the appeals of public nudity porn is that it features real women. There's no airbrushing or silicon breasts. The women in the photos are just as they would appear in real life, and the jaded porn surfer finds this refreshing.

An interesting aspect of nudity is the idea of "flash mountain." Apparently women started to flash their tits for the camera located on the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland, and a number of these photos escaped the notice of the staff. Now it has become a strange tradition to flash on Splash Mountain!

Photographer and artist Spencer Tunick is making a living out of photographing public nudity. His art involves organising thousands of naked volunteers, often into complicated shapes (or "installations"), so he can take photographs. These events occur in major cities, often early in the morning before too many people are around. A few weeks beforehand he puts the world out that he needs volunteers to get naked and lie around for a few hours. He has been arrested numerous times, mostly in New York City.

Spencer says his displays of public nudity aren't about sex at all, and that when so many naked figures are gathered together they become abstractions "that challenge or preconfigure one's views of nudity and privacy".

Over the past couple of years his nude events have become incredibly popular, with more and more volunteers turning up each time. For them it's an exercise in self-exploration (and also a physical trial: often the temperatures are close to freezing). Many have never been publicly nude before, so getting undressed and being surround by thousands of other naked people is one they won't easily forget.

Naked runs are another popular form of public nudity. Annual events such as the Naked Mile in Ann Arbor and the Bare to Breakers see hundreds of people happily getting nude and going for a jog. These kinds of events skim the boundaries of the law... but are pretty much tolerated by the police because so many people are happy to engage in them.

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