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Public Nudity Books

The Spirit of Lady Godiva
by Harvey (Photographer) and Paul Rapoport (Editor)

This unique book, eight years in the making, presents Harvey's photographs of nudes in public places. Lots of naked people -- women and men, young and old. But there's a twist: right next to them are unsuspecting clothed people. The result may be hilarious or look impossible -- but it's real.

The photos are completely unaltered. Yes, that naked man really is leaving a store with a pocket watch. Yes, those two naked women really are walking past a police station. And yes indeed, there are nearly two dozen naked people lounging on an outdoor terrace in lots of clothed company!

From New York to Los Angeles, New Orleans to Madison, Harvey has captured an incredible variety of scenes, including mighty famous landmarks, all with naked people right there.

The nudity is simple and natural: no hiding of body parts, no streaking or flashing, no teasing or flaunting. These naked people behave just like anyone else while ordering a meal, buying flowers, sitting on a bench, or hailing a cab.

With well over a hundred large black and white photos and a story about each, The Spirit of Lady Godiva will delight readers of all ages. (Amazon book description)

Living Naked and Frugal: A Handbook for Parsimonious Nudity
by Paul Penhallow

This book in my opinion is the best book on introducing people to nudism. The author used a straight forward approach to all aspects of clothing optional recreation. The author, who is on the cover, passed away as the book went to press but contributor Marilyn Lovell works and plays a big role at the clothing optional resort Avalon in Paw Paw, West Virginia. - Amazon review

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