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Lions club do 2007 nude calendar - Men from a New Hampshire Lions club will get naked for a charity calendar

Naked men raise cash for Lakedell library - another naked calendar

Group bares all in memory of Frances - local men get naked for charity calendar

Topless woman arrested while protesting nudity law - Elizabeth Book stood topless near four Grecian Muse sculptures that are nude from the waist up to protest against public nudity laws.

Italians OK with naked sunbathing - Most Italians think nude sunbathing is perfectly natural and don't mind crossing paths with bottomless beach-goers -- even when those bottoms are unsightly, survey results released on Sunday said...

Full frontal nudity on public access leads to action - Check out all the high moral outrage expressed by this news site at the so-called "jaw dropping" nudity. Sheesh.

Semi-nude protestors take on running of the bulls - Hundreds of demonstrators -- some clad only in thongs and plastic bull horns -- marched Tuesday in protest of Spain's centuries-old running of the bulls...

Naked man held for shouting at trees - A German man has been arrested after a marriage guidance counsellor advised him to run around naked shouting at trees...

Naked reporter runs British Grand Prix - A naked Scot jogged out in front of 100,000 Formula One fans on Sunday...

Men charged with naked cycling appear in court - Two men pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that they rode their bicycles naked in New Hampshire last month as part of a worldwide protest of people's dependence on cars.

Australian nude long distance running attempt - due to finish 12 Dec 2004

Naked Boys sing again in Atlanta - 16 Dec. All-naked show Naked Boys Singing! has received support from the Mayor of Atlanta after the show was shut down by police for violating the city's adult entertainment laws

Digital nudity - a new concept gaining ground in Bollywood - 6 Dec.

New York Men go naked for charity - 15 November

Public nudity "not a crime" - 22 Oct.

Eminem appears naked in video - 16 Sep. The rap star ran naked through the streets of Los Angeles during the filming of his latest music video.

Naked women on golf course caught on tape - 15 Sep. Cameras caught a group of women playing nude golf during a charity tournament.

Naked barmaids boost Playboy sales - 15 Sep. German Playboy featuring an Oktoberfest edition has sold out.

Europe's first naked disco - 14 Sep. A Spanish nightclub will be holding nude dance parties.

Naked man in pro hunt protest - 13 Sep. A naked man impersonated Tony Blair in a protest against the banning of fox hunting.

Yoko Ono to get naked in art show - 5 Sep. Yoko will perform her famous performance art piece as part of a London exhibition.

Naked pinata night ends in arrests - 4 Sep. Vice squad detectives were tipped off to the naked bar entertainment by a radio ad.

Naked AIDS protestors stop traffic - 28 Aug.

Women plough naked for rains in India - A looming drought means ancient rituals are being performed. 15 July 2004

Macy Gray appears naked on stage - Singer Gray fulfilled a pledge to perform naked for an AIDS charity. 7 July 2004

Protesters perform naked "bull run" - PETA activists protested naked against the running of the bulls in Pamplona. 5 July 2004

Naked jogger runs into trouble - A German man has lost his legal challenge that it is his right to jog naked. 2 July 2004

UK's first ever naked shopping event held - Only 15 naturists turned up to the Oxford St Plaza shopping centre. 22 June 2004

Do it Naked? - This article lists all the things you can do publicly nude.

Naked bike riders arrested for indecent exposure - A few too many drinks resulted in 8 bike riders going for a nude spin around the block. Police gave chase. 28 May 2004

Prudes campaign for nudity ban - "Citizens for Decency" is urging the Tampa County commission to outlaw any kind of public nudity. Opinion piece.

Naked News to be available via phone - The Canadian all-nude broadcast will soon be seen on video mobile phones. 27 May 2004.

Nude-in grounded before takeoff - A planned naturist event featuring 15,000 will NOT be happening at the Wild Water Adventure Park. - 22 May 2004

Students set naked roller coaster record - 81 students rode the ride nude at Thorpe Park in Surrey, Britain, to claim the record. 21 May 2004

Sorry for the boob - Janet Jackson flashes her boob at Super Bowl 

The New Nudity: America sheds its old hangups - commentary piece on nudity

Don't get caught in the nude - warning that old nude photos can be used against you.

Ecuador women inmates hold nude protest - protesting lack of trials, 9 Jan

Artist strips to test religious tolerance - Argentinean gets naked in front of churches

Woman ticketed for appearing naked on the internet - picture proves she was naked in a public place

Lawmaker wants ban on nudist camps for kids

Man envisions nudist camp for Christians

Mirren tells naked truth about 'Girls'

It's the naked truth (Full Monty stage show)

Naked Rambler back behind bars

Neighbours get naked in Forrest Hills calendar

Naked jogger continues his streak

BC Mayor embarrassed by naked photos


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