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In the past couple of years there has been an explosion of what is known as public nudity porn. This is websites or movies that depict women (and very occasionally men) getting naked in public.

There are two sorts of public nudity porn. One is the "prearranged or posed" sort, which involves taking paid models into public areas and getting them to take their clothes off and even have sex in public.

The other sort is the "reality" version of public nudity. These sites and movies feature vision of everyday women flashing their breasts or getting naked at major public events such as the New Orleans Mardi Gras, the Naked Mile or other spring break university parties, Grand Prix motor racing events, or just at bars. Some reality public nudity porn companies set up special events to attract women, and have them sign release forms before getting them to "flash."

There were also a number of nightclubs and bars eager to get in on the action, and these regularly hosted public nudity nights at which cameras were present. 

This kind of porn is attractive to men for a number of reasons. One is that the women featured are everyday girls, not pumped-up glamour models, so they seem more accessible. The other attraction is that these women are often drunk. With their inhibitions and their guard down, it's easy to convince them to expose their bodies. It's also reassuring to see women being "easy" as it were... these kinds of sites show women enjoying their sexuality as opposed to being prudish. Some may argue that these sites are simply out to exploit "sluts"... perhaps it's the attitude of the viewer that makes a difference.

Public nudity porn skims along the edge of legality at times. Certainly getting nude in public is often against the law to begin with. Filming models in public may breach licensing rules. And the major issue with the reality type porn is that sometimes the women involved have not actually consented to appearing in the photos. The law here is on the side of the photographer - copyright for photos belongs to the person who took the photo and not the person in the photo. So, if a woman has chosen to bare her breasts in public, the law rules that the First Amendment protects the photographer, so it's OK to take a photo of it and publish it. At the same time there is a precedent which rules against using a person's image if it causes them damage.

One of the other tricky issues is whether the woman is over 18. If she isn't, the photo could be considered to be child pornography. This is the main problem facing the creators of the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, a case that is still in court at the time of writing this article. It's a fine line, one that the pornographers tread very carefully.

At the moment there is no public nudity porn for women. Perhaps this will change in the future.

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