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The Running of the Bulls

Once a year, just after Christmas, the small North Queensland mining town of Weipa goes a little crazy. It's the "silly season", and the monsoon is breaking. The weather is fiendishly hot, and the people are just a little... stir crazy.

Cue the "Running of the Bulls", Weipa's annual nude run for charity. What started off in the early nineties as a couple of drunk blokes skylarking has now turned into a regular, much-anticipated event. On a Saturday night, the men of Weipa down a few beers, strip off, and run naked around the streets of Weipa, collecting money for various charities on the way.

In 1998 there were 196 runners and they collected over $1300 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, a service for the sick in remote areas. At the time the men claimed they had the world record for most naked men to do a phone interview from a phone booth.

In 1999, the women wanted to get into the act - perhaps against the men's wishes. And then some started using body paint to brighten things up a bit. The Australian Quarantine service said they'd offer a prize to the best painted man and woman, as well as donating money.

There was also a rumour that Madonna, who was holidaying in North Queensland, would be there to see the run, but she did not make an appearance.

The Running of the Bulls remains a Weipa tradition today.

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