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Nude Calendars

Nude Calendars are nothing new - raunchy images of scantily clad women have been appearing on calendars for years. Recently, however, a new trend has emerged, which involves putting everyday people in the spotlight - nude, of course.

The last couple of years have seen growing numbers of community or sporting organizations come up with their own version of a nude calendar, often to raise funds for charity. Those bold enough to take the plunge volunteer to get naked and have their photograph taken. Most of the time the photos are tasteful, with arty lighting and carefully-placed props to obscure the most important parts. Even so, it takes courage to present yourself to the world in such a way.

The movie "Calendar Girls" is a dramatization of one such charity calendar. The British Women's Institute is an organization devoted to traditional pursuits such as knitting and baking. Faced with a dearth of funds in 1999, the WI ladies decided to go out on a limb and pose nude for a calendar. The Yorkshire women weren't young, or standard pinup girl material, but they earned fame and respect for their daring. The film stars Julie Walters and Helen Mirren.

In a similar vein is the Tasmania older women's "Bare to Be Different" calendar, which aims to present a positive view of aging. First started in 1999, the 2004 version is now on sale.

In 1999 the Australian Women's Soccer team earned much controversy (and possibly quite a lot of money) by posing for their own nude calendar. The Olympic team were trying to lift their profile and raise money for their next campaign and the result was a huge media circus. Many said they weren't doing women's sport a favour because they had once again reduced it to mere "perve material". The players, however, said they were proud of the photos, some of which were full frontal shots. They said they were expressing themselves and the pictures were "tasteful".

At the time of writing the nude calendar trend has exploded, with many smaller local community organizations prepared to bare all. It's almost becoming a little mundane!

12 January 2004
Woman suspended from work after appearing in charity calendar
A German woman who worked for children's charity Caritas has been suspended because she appeared partially naked in a calendar designed to raise money for cancer. The organization told her they would not tolerate "tasteless behaviour" and that it went against the values of their Catholic ethos. This in spite of the fact that the calendar made over 14,000 pounds for the local oncology ward.

I feel like saying "Ummm, guys, Jesus told us to help the sick and the needy. He never actually said 'Thou shalt not get naked.'"
Photo and full story here.

April 4, 2004 - From the Miami Herald: "With bulging biceps, six-pack abs and smoldering eyes, four of the city's bravest heroes will compete this month before a throng of 700 women for a chance to heat up the pages of the 2005 South Florida Firefighters Calendar." Woohoo, giddy up!

September 1, 2004 - And the Bare to Be Different ladies of Tasmania have released their latest nude calendar (see Sex News for more details). I just have to link to their gallery - great to see older women having fun and feeling proud of their bodies!

September 30, 2004 - Another quirky nude calendar, this one featuring the old folks from the Palmerston Court Aged Hostel in Melbourne. Hilariously, the biggest problem was that so many residents wanted to be in it.

"They had a meeting about props and everyone showed up, even those who weren't involved," the photographer Kayla Lightfoot said. "All the old women -- they were so keen, flicking their bra straps off.

"I did see a few pacemakers," she said.

December 1, 2004 - In Britain, nudists have been protesting about the growing popularity of charity nude calendars. Apprently they're not happy because the models don't show everything, and thus are helping to maintain the idea that genitals are shameful. Nude calendars are now extremely popular: around 100 of them are being churned out every year.

* Note - above entries taken from the For The Girls blog

New York Men go naked for charity - 15 November

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