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Australian Nude Calendars

It would appear that Australians really love the idea of nude calendars for charity. Here's some examples:

The Tasmania older women's "Bare to Be Different" calendar, which aims to present a positive view of aging. They were one of the first groups to do any kind of nude calendar. There's also a play based on their experiences (interview from 7.30 report here).

The Matildas Australian Women's Soccer team nude calendar.

The Queensland town of Chillagoe has put out at least three nude calendars to raise money for their hospital.

The Shell Seekers of Northern Sydney are a women's cancer support group. They did their nude calendar for cancer research in May 2003

The Tasmanian University Union Philosophical Society launched a calendar called The Naked Truth in 2002.

The Adelaide 36ers Basketball team released a nude calendar called "Nothin' But Skin"

The Alice Springs Off Road Race Club had a go in 2003

The Men of Tamworth NSW did their bit to raise money for the drought in late 2002

The Boaties of North Cottisloe in Western Australia put together a nude calendar to raise money for their tour fund.

Staff at the Geraldton Aquarena in WA got nude to raise funds to purchase shade for the Aquarena area.

A semi-nude calendar of the Raymond Terrace Cricket Team was organised to raise money for the local hospital in 2002

Northern Rivers doctors did a "full Mullum" photo shoot to raise money for hospital equipment.

I am certain that there was a "Men of Gympie" calendar in 1998, I have a newspaper clipping talking about it, but can't find any mention of it.


The Peninsula Light Opera society have released a nude fund raising calendar.

The Tasmanian Bare to be Different ladies have launched their 2005 calendar.


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