Naked But For A Green Wig

Here’s a streaker at McMahon stadium in Calgary, Canada, running through a football game wearing only a green wig. He jumped two fences to get onto the field.???????????? ?????????

According to the Calgary Sun:Review Android Smartphone

Despite the roar of an approving crowd, security staff failed to follow him as he travelled through the endzone, climbed a chain-link fence and then a large metal wall before disappearing into parking lot trees.

Not only did it provide, by far, the most entertaining moment of the day, it also marked a feat no one thought possible: Escaping McMahon Stadium naked without being caught.

He did, however, get arrested by three police in the parking lot.

Nudity on the Solstice

A Latvian town will mark the Summer Solstice this year with a naked run through the streets.

“The nude run is for everybody, no matter their gender, age or race,” Ilze Dambite-Damberga, of the city council in the western town of Kuldiga, told AFP. “One can wear shoes or sneakers, as long as they don’t go up to the armpits,” she said.

The run will take place on Sunday 24th. Police will be on hand to keep “puritans” at bay.

More info here.

Mankini Streaker Speaks

Ninemsn has tracked down the Darwin streaker who ran onto a football field wearing only a “mankini.”

He was inspired to by the blue swimsuit after seeing the movie Borat and obtained one at a sex shop – “the very last one we tried.” He promptly showed it off to friends at his local pub. They urged him to take it further.

“I’ve been known to do a few crazy things in my life so I thought, ‘why not?’

“I couldn’t believe the support in the crowd. People were grabbing me (who) I didn’t even know and hiding me.

“At first all I was worried (about was) if one of the players tried to grab me or something. So I tried to keep as away from them as I could.

“I just thought run as fast as I can.”

His mates said they’d chip in if the police charged him and fined him.

He’s now looking at buying more mankinis (he says they’re “quite comfy” and going on something of a streaking rampage. Can’t wait for that one.

The ‘Mankini’ Streaker

The Mankini streaker in the Northern Territory.
Looks like we have a new fashion when it comes to streaking. Never mind full nudity, today’s fashionable streaker goes for the “mankini”, the one-piece swimsuit made famous by Borat.

This became apparent at an AFL game in Darwin on Saturday night when a rangy tattooed man ran onto the field during the Western Bulldogs versus Fremantle game, wearing only a mankini.

The Northern Territory News reports that 11,000-strong crowd went absolutly mad, cheering him on. They even helped him to escape, offering clothes and holding off the security guard.

“He made a good run for it,” the security guard said. “I tried grabbing him as he jumped over the fence but there was nothing to grab.

“I had a hold of his foot but he was all yucky and sweaty and I lost my grip.”

The 28-year-old security guard said it was on the top of his list of bizarre things to happen while on the job.

“I’ve seen some pretty crazy things, but this was quite funny,” he said.

Ninemsn reports that there’s an “ongoing investigation” to find the streaker.

World Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride in CanadaWell, it appears that this year’s World Naked Bike Ride was a huge success, with thousands of nude cyclists turning out across the globe to protest the world’s dependence on oil.

Some news reports:
Cyclists stage cheeky protest – Halifax News, Canada
Brace cyclists go naked to promote greener transport – The Argus, UK
Naked cyclists in green protest – Ananova
Scores of bicyclists go nude in UK –

Here’s my article on the event.

Mark Roberts Gets Another Ban

Mark Roberts streaking in 2002. In mid-May serial streaker Mark Roberts was hit with another ban, this one preventing him from attending football matches for 3 years.

Roberts says he had no intention of streaking at the UEFA match, but they banned him anyway. He says he wants to fight the ban which is the result of “sour grapes” from the Glasgow police.

Graduation Day Streaker

A 17 year old made waves at his school’s graduation ceremony when he streaked across the football field, causing all the graduating seniors to cheer madly.

Unfortunately he’s also ended up in juvenile detention center because of it.

KVOA reports:

The 17 year old junior at Catalina Foothills High School raced into the limelight last Thursday, stripping down to his jock strap and racing across the football field during the graduation ceremony.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Cameron put the moves on a couple of sheriff’s deputies trying to tackle him. But his athletic director caught Cameron just before he got over a fence.

The high school kid received a standing ovation from the graduating seniors and now he’s semi-famous.

Here’s the video on Youtube – unfortunately I can’t embed it.

The Story of Robert Opel, The Oscar Streaker

Robert Opel streaking past David Niven in 1974. Check out the interesting blog post here about Robert Opel, the man who streaked past David Niven at the 1974 Oscars.

I’d never actually heard the conspiracy theories that the streak was planned. This article looks at the life story of Opel and how he actually got into the Oscars in the first place:

At the start of 1974, Opel was a freelance photographer for the gay newspaper The Advocate (now a leading national magazine). When he showed up at the Academy Awards he used these credentials, and a great deal of exaggeration, to make himself appear a more significant journalist than he actually was (nobody questioned the validity of a long-haired journalist in a blue jump suit?). Once Opel was in, he knew that his incongruous appearance could have potentially raised red flags before the stunt was attempted. He made his way backstage and hid inside an enormous piece of scenery.Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

This piece on WFMU’s site was what motivated me to finally get off my bum and redo Streakerama. I should be posting this kind of stuff and hope do to so more in the future.

Streaking Thesaurus

Not a Stitch
Travelling Light
Not a Scrap
Kit Off
In the Razz
No Trimmings
Naturally Free
As Adam
As Eve
In the Skinny
In the Buff
In the Raw
For All To See
Bare Botty Showing
Socks and Sandals Only
As The Day He Was Born
In the Nicky-Noo-Nar
Sans Threads
Partially Divested
Fully Divested
In the Altogether
Over Exposed
Au Naturel
In the Birthday Suit
Wearing the Emperor’s

This list of euphemisms for nudity has been on Streakerama since day 1 so I thought I should include in it my

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