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Porn proliferates on the internet, and yet it's still difficult for women to find sexually explicit sites that cater to their interests.

Porn for women is something I am very much involved in, I run my own major site as well as a number of smaller ones, and I'm keen to get the message out there to women who are into it.

When the media or conservative groups talk about "porn" they are using a broad negative label to describe what is actually a diverse and eclectic thing. For some, porn is all about oppressing women and sin. Whereas porn for women is actually an expression of women's sexuality, and a way to explore female fantasies and desires. It's a step away from oppression and patriarchy, and a step towards a more female-friendly society.

Of course, women who go looking for porn don't have such high ideals in mind, and that's OK. They're still stepping out of the role that society gives them, that of obedient, sexless woman who is not visual and who is the keeper of morality.

The fact is, far more women are keen to check out what porn is on offer than people think. Everybody's curious about sex, it's only natural. Unfortunately, most of the porn on offer today is produced for men, and it depicts their fantasies and desires. A lot of it also depicts women in a negative light, which is very offputting to the porn-seeking women.

Erotica for women, thankfully, seeks to redress that balance, and portray sex and women in a positive way. It's also something that couples can enjoy together.

This small guide should provide a good leaping off point for women looking to find porn on the net :)

Have fun.

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For The Girls

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Womens Porno

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Masturbating Men
- guys getting naked and jerking off, made just for women. Access to heaps of other sites

What Porn Is Available for Women?

For The Girls - this is my own site. It's a women's magazine with porn added. Lots of naked men and couples photos and movies, but also articles, stories and columns written in house. All the content is chosen because it will appeal to women, and the writing has a strong pro-sex, pro-woman slant. Plenty of humor as well, including sex tips from Grandma Scrotum.

Pure Cunnilingus - this site offers photos and movies of men giving cunnilingus to women. - thoroughly touchy-feely, this site offers a gentle, sensual introduction into the world of porn for women.

Womens Porno - offers access to 21 other adult sites.

Female Fantasies - this site offers pictorial representations of common female fantasies, as well as erotic fiction and articles.

Couples Pleasure Dome - downloadable movies chosen to suit women and couples.

Costume Fantasies - Roman orgies, masters and slaves, historical porn for women.

Goddess Erotica - celebrating spiritual sex


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