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Chick Porn

"Chick Porn" is the term used increasingly in the media to describe adult content made for women. That is, porn movies, sites, books or magazines aimed at females, with a distinctly female viewpoint.

The Age described it thus: "Itís called chick porn, pornography that is made by women for women, and itís now doing for the X-rated film industry what Playboy did for the nude centrefold 50 years ago ó legitimising explicit sexual entertainment for the mainstream. (Full article here)

Australian Cleo magazine recently featured a sealed section called "Chick Porn". "No story-line and all you see is blow jobs. Most porn is male-oriented, but there's a new breed of porn queen: women making porn for women. Yet, flicks that have an actual plot and real foreplay."

And Australian TV show Mondo Thingo introduced it thus: In the '70s, {the male centerfold} was a staple of women's entertainment, often with a staple covering the entertainment, and it's returned at a time when more and more women are getting their fancies tickled by female-style erotica, or chick porn." (transcript here.)

Ah yes, the media have discovered porn for women. Of course, it's not a new thing - Candida Royalle's Femme films are standard women's adult entertainment, and her first porn movie made for women is almost 20 years old.

The difference could well be the statistics from Nielsen Netratings, released in September 2003, which revealed that around 30% of porn surfers were female. This statistic came as something of a shock to the adult industry, which up until now has been determined to ignore the female market.

The itnernet has brought about a revolution for women, because it has introduced anonymity into the porn equation. Now women can access sexually explicit material from within their own homes, privately and without shame. The itimidating spectre of the sleazy sex shop is no longer an issue.

Chick porn is different from standard men's porn in that it attempts to depict female-friendly sex. That is, sex where the woman's pleasure is paramount. Female fantasies are featured, there's often more storylines and emphasis on intimacy and the emotion of sex. And, of course, there's the naked men.

Some anti-porn feminists argue that if a woman wants to look at porn she is simply aping male behaviour, or is trying to please a man. This argument is almost Victorian in its assumption that women have no sexuality, or urge to view sexual material. Others say that all porn is addictive, and feel that women's growing consumption of adult material is the proof of this.

The alternative viewpoint is that chick porn is a force for good. It provides balance in an industry that is seriously skewed in one direction. Women's erotica offers sexually explicit material with a more pro-sex and pro-woman viewpoint.

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