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Naked Men - for women, in public... everywhere!

Naked men seem to feature often on Streakerama. The majority of streakers turn out to be men. It seems that when it comes to being funny, a naked man is always a good thing.

However if you're a woman looking for naked men, just for a bit of eye candy, or to spice up the sex fantasies a bit, they can be difficult to find. While there are plenty of gay sites out there, women have a much harder time finding straight naked men photos.

This page exists to assist in that search. It lists a number of adult sites for women that feature naked men. These sites are aimed specifically at women, and cater to what THEY want to see.

Many people are still surprised that women would want to look at naked men. Our society insists that women aren't visual, and don't like adult material. This is simply not true. This page proves it.

If you're gay and looking for naked men, I've thrown in a couple of suggestions as well.

I've started a new site called Naked Men News that tracks naked men in the news - mainly amusing news articles and larger features, as well as a listing of sites and some photos.

There are numerous non-sexual photos of naked men on this site, but they're usually all funny - male streakers letting their dangly bits flop all over the place, avoiding the cops. It's funny, fragile, and also kinda loveable. There's no airbrushing on these blokes. They're 100% real.

It's amazing how many women first get on a computer, and the first thing they type in is "naked men". To me this proves that we're all sexually curious by nature, and distinctly visual. Why look at the news when there are naked men to be had at the touch of a button!

I know that there are some women who are searching on naked men, but they're actually looking for more erotic content that features couples or stories, but with a softer touch. I recommend my own site For The Girls, if that is the case.

Update: Are we seeing more naked men in movies? Not really, but the success of Brokeback Mountain with its explicit male nudity may make a difference. Word is that women love this film... either because of the sexy male leads, or because they're a sucker for gay romance.

The Ms Naughty Porn for Women Blog features regular photos of naked men, along with some nice couples pics and commentary on the porn industry. So if you're looking for a good read, check it out.

More articles and naked men sites:

When is a naked man a "naked man for women"?

Ms Naughty Porn for Women has heaps more sites for women.

Articles to read about women and porn here

Naked Men News offers articles and news items

I made this page on Streakerama about Porn for Women and Chick Porn

Porn Movies for Women

Naked men at For The Girls
For The Girls

Hetero Male Porn stars has hunky naked guys
Hetero Male Porn Stars

Naked men at Womens Porno
Womens Porno

Masturbating Men
Masturbating Men

Naked Men Sites for Women

For The Girls - this is my own site. It's a women's magazine with porn added. Lots of naked men and couples photos and movies, but also articles, stories and columns written in house. All the content is chosen because it will appeal to women, and the writing has a strong pro-sex, pro-woman slant. Plenty of humor as well, including sex tips from Grandma Scrotum.

Womens Porno - more photos of couples and naked men, erotic fiction and more. Offers a trial membership! - thoroughly touchy-feely, this site offers a gentle, sensual introduction into the world of porn for women.

Masturbating Men - guys getting naked and jerking off, made just for women. Access to heaps of other sites including...

Erect Men - over 1000 photos of naked men with hard cocks, as well as access to hundreds of other premium sites, including Pure Cunnilingus

Hetero Male Porn Stars - the best looking straight men in the business. You also get free access to...

Couples Pleasure Dome - downloadable movies chosen to suit women and couples.

Naked Men Sites for Men

His First Huge Cock - straight guys lured into gay sex. Another reality site.

Muscle Men - hunky well built naked men

All Star Studs - a huge site for those who enjoy naked men. Lots of extremely good looking male centerfolds here.


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