Nick Clements "Revenge Stunt"

25-9-03 - OK, OK, after several pleading emails from both Anna and Nick, the photo is back up in the photos section. Now I'm completely confused. But they want it up there, so OK.

- Now I have two emails, one from Anna Jones and one from Nick Clements.

Nick (and I'm fairly certain it's him) reassures me that "I have no objection to my nude streaking pic on your excellent site as I am a great supporter of streaking and streakers." Firstly, thanks Nick for the compliments. And secondly, I don't understand why you're so calm about this. If I were you, I'd be feeling kind of mad. Those size comments in the UK papers were dreadful (and let me say: who cares about size! You had the guts to do a streak. Giddy up!)

Anna urged me to contact Nick and confirm that he did give consent. She also said " far as I am aware he sees this whole matter as a joke and is enjoying the fame and publicity (as his quote to you suggests) and he has not requested this pic to be removed from any site." She also pointed out that Nick's consent is not required to publish the pic as he appeared nude in public, and she owns the copyright to the photo.

Confusion reigns. If this is a revenge stunt, it seems to be a very cheerful, friendly, consensual sort of revenge. I'm not sure what is going on there.

In any case, I'm not going to repost that photo of Nick. For a start, it seems you can find it elsewhere on the net. Also, I don't like the idea of others doing the same thing via Streakerama. This site is not that kind of forum. It's about fun and freedom and having a laugh, not humiliating people. Lastly, I stand by my desire to make sure people consent to having their pics posted. As this episode shows, there are plenty of bastards out there willing to be nasty about you and your nudity (I went there myself during the great political debacle of Feb this year) and I don't want to encourage that.

Anna and Nick... good luck with whatever the hell is going on there. If this were a Hollywood movie, you'd probably be in love. :D

23-9-03 Today I was contacted by Anna Jones, who informed me that the photo she sent me of Nick Clements streaking was posted on over 70 internet sites as an act of revenge for him crashing her 40th birthday party. It appears that Nick did not actually give his consent to having the photo posted.

I have now taken Nick's photo down.

Here is what I had originally posted (some of the info was incorrect, obviously)

This is Nick Clements, who streaked for his wife's 40th birthday. His wife, Anne, sent in the photo and says the streak achieved local notoriety after featuring in the local paper. Nick writes:
"I can't believe that I have been trying to achieve some fame for the last 40 years and I have now achieved this by running about in the nuddy! Its a funny old world."

Just to clarify, this is the original email that Anna Jones sent me after I had posted the photo on Streakerama:

Karen - Please note the party streaker picture of Nick was sent by me, Anna Jones, and not my husband , with whom I share e-mail access. It was my 40th birthday. Nick is agreeable to this 'jesting ' humiliation. His nude picture is already on a number of drunk sites on the web and has appeared in the local press (suitably censored)as several people at the party took photographs of this memorable event!
Many thanks
Anna Jones

Karen - Anna Jones has asked me to contact you to confirm that I am happy for my nude pic to appear on your site. Good luck with your book. If you wish to include my picture I could send you a photo that may reproduce to a higher standard and some more details of the incident. I can't believe that I have been trying to achieve some fame for the last 40 years and I have now achieved this by running about in the nuddy! Its a funny old world.
kind regards and Happy New Year
Nick Clements

I want to point out that I always ask for permission to publish people's nude photos when they are sent to me.


The Nick Clements incident has been reported in several British newspapers and at the urban myth site Snopes.

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