30 Years of Streaking

March 2004 marked 30 years since streaking became enormously popular.

It was in March 1974 that thousands of university students took up running around campuses naked, and the fad spread rapidly around the world.

On March 7 1974, almost 1000 University of NC students did their record-setting mass streak in the middle of the night. This followed earlier record attempts at other nearby unis. And on March 8, Phil Canard did his parachuting streak at West Georgia College.

From there it went global and soon streakers were turning up everywhere.

Robert Opel did his famous streak at the Academy Awards in April, and Michael O'Brien featured at the rugby in that same month (see below).

Then Ray Stevens had his huge hit with The Streak in May.

For some it's hard to believe that 30 years has gone by.

In the last few years streaking has had a revival, certainly in Britain, and there are now streaking groups who meet via the internet.

The Charlotte Observer had an interview with one of the original mass streakers, and a review of 30 years of streaking. Click here for the article.

30 Years Since Michael O'Brien and the Bobby's Hat

April 23 2004 was the 30th anniversary of the incredibly famous streak by Michael O'Brien during the rugby game at Twickenham.

While it wasn't the first ever streak, it's certainly remained one of the most famous. And without doubt it helped to move streaking away from university campuses and into the sporting arenas of the world.

Michael remains embarrassed about the streak and, up until his interview on Where Are They Now, refused to speak with the media. His stunt has become a beloved icon of popular culture, one which has brought laughter to many people. I don't think he should be ashamed of it.

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