The Prince Charles Polo Match Streaker

Three streakers made waves at an Australia-England polo match attended by Prince Charles on the 26th July. BBC reports that the three emerged nude from the grandstand toward the end of the match, with one being chased by security guards and getting away.

25,000 people attended the match. Charles watched the whole thing from the royal box. England went on to win.

England team captain Luke Tomlinson later said it was not the first time he had played in a match interrupted by naked intruders.

“You are so focused on the game you hardly notice. It brings a bit of humour in and the crowd seem to enjoy it,” he said.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the club said: “I think it is the hot weather and the Pimms to blame. These things happen.”

Now that’s the kind of laid back attitude from authorities that we like to see. Pimms is obviously the thing to be drinking when naked lunatics make an appearance.

Here’s a Youtube clip from the Sunrise show here in Australia, including the usual crap comments from the hosts.

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